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Brangelina's Toy Family

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I know that I said recently that I can't get enough of Brangelina, especially Angelina. Now I'm sick of how perfect they are. I can't wait for one of their children to rebel against them. What if Maddox decided to befriend Jennifer Aniston? No, that's too tragic. Wouldn't it be great if Shiloh decided to never have kids or Zahara fell in love with Madd and they got married? ToyFare magazine's clever parody of the couple has Shiloh adopting her own baby:

The proud grandparents will take the profits from selling the first pictures of Shiloh's baby and use them to fund future great-grandchildren.

Click on the left image below to see the picture that goes with the above copy. Picture on right is one of the most recent photos of the Brangelina clan.

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Huh. That's... a magazine I wouldn't have expected you and me to have in common. :)

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