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Poor Little Rich Heiress

Part of: Gossip , Music , Paris Hilton

I'm sure you're all wondering what could have made Paris Hilton so distraught. I mean, the last time she cried was when she heard her album. (Paris really did say it was so good that it made her cry). Could she have accidentally gotten to third base with someone and broken her year vow of celibacy? Nah. It obviously must be due to a prank that British graffiti artist Banksy played on her. (You can check out more of his genius artwork on the next page.) But not even that could turn her face sour and well up her delicate blue eyes. Paris merely was denied entry to a VMA after party at Bungalow 8 along with Brandon Davis, Diddy and some random sycophants.

It was just 2 weeks ago that Paris gave Tara Reid a look of pity as she easily made it past the doorman of the Hollywood club Hyde while Tara couldn’t gain entry until later. Karma can be biting, but don’t feel too sorry or psyched for this news. A source told me that Paris’ going rate for appearances at events is $250,000. Now you know how much it takes for Paris to get out of bed before noon.


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