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I'm an English Bitch

Part of: Literati

Breakfast: an oatmeal cookie (v. good) with a few golden raisins, nuts, etc. from Rockenwagner's Bakery via farmers' market

I corrected someone's grammar last night. I've always held my tongue until that moment, thus it will come back to me. I was at a new friend's birthday party and was not drunk--I had only had a glass of champagne. (But maybe I had a sugar high from the Sweet Lady Jane's cake)

The nice guest said, "Drive safe," to another fab guest.

"It's 'safely,'" I corrected. "I don't usually (read: never) correct people--I make mistakes all the time," I said trying to cover myself and be truthful.

The guy laughed.

I was being such a bitch. Why didn't I just keep my mouth shut? I shoved some more whipped cream with fresh cherries and raspberries into my mouth.

PS Thanks Angela D. for pointing out my typo.


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