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Where Arnold and Maria Partied after Reagan's Funeral, Etc

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood


Breakfast: scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese on a bagel

*BAT Exclusive*

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted Friday whooping it up with Maria Shriver in Santa Monica, CA at the Buffalo Club. Haven't heard of this classic industry hot spot? you obviously don't have a career in the industry (that's a good thing)--and no, the number and address aren't listed.

PS We're a bit late on this, but we don't get paid, so it's not like pathetic or anything.

Other sightings:

"Six Feet Under" actresses and actors have a thing for Whole Foods. Recently spotted separately at the West Hollywood location: Michael C. Hall, Matthew St. Patrick, and Lauren Ambrose (gave my cute guy friend the once over).

Ted Danson was at my Santa Monica car wash and gave me a don't-you-recognize-me look. He has an SUV with a license plate that says "I love my kids." It's always surprising to see him with grey hair.

Model/actress, Carolyn Murphy, frequents Santa Monica's Homeopathic Pharmacy. Her ride of choice? A silver Mercedes bulletproof SUV. Murphy doesn't look like the usual model stick figure. She is very thin but actually has muscles (from surfing?)

Himawari writes BAT with "Six Feet Under" info:

You might have noticed that I spelled his[ Mathew St. Patrick's ] first name with one "t." On the day of [a certain event], I was helping my friend write a script for the program and I wrote in his name to be acknowledged and spelled it "M-a-t-t-h-e-w." My friend asked me to use only one "t" and explained that Mathew's agent/assistant/whatever person was very adamant from the start about how his name should be spelled. One time, when the sponsor letter was written out, my friend read and re-read it to make sure his name was spelled correctly but had an intern address the envelope and it got sent to "Matthew St. Patrick." My friend got a call from the agent/assistant/whatever woman to "NEVER, EVER DO THAT AGAIN OR YOU'LL NEVER HEAR FROM US EVER AGAIN." (I'm paraphrasing, it's been a few years but the effect of the words is accurate.) So anyway, just thought I'd drop you a note since you might hear from this assistant/agent woman. Contrary to this woman's words and attitude, though, Mathew was a very laid back, smooth, sweet guy.

Another reader writes:

I don't know him as Mathew ST. Patrick, but I do know the man formerly know as Patrick St. Matthews. And he was wonderfully laid-back, funny, and just as sexy back then.

It's very funny to me that "Mathew ST. Patrick is so admant about the correct spelling of his name seeing that it's really Patrick Matthews.

Why do people change their names once they get in the industry? Was there another Patrick Matthews already? Just wondering?

The reason I know his real name is because I dated him when he lived in Carol Stream, IL (a suburb of Chicago) when he was a driver for Coca~Cola.

I have been searching for his website but I've been unsuccessful. Do you have any info? E-mail? Thanks.


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