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Reality is Fiction

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[Breakfast: egg salad]

I actually go out and do things on Sundays now. Pre-boyfriend I used to go to farmers’ market, clean my apartment and veg out. Pre-Tiffany, my boyfriend used to hole up and work. Now we usually go to brunch in town, have Mimosas at various hotels, and see a movie or two at the Grove or Arclight. This past Sunday we stayed in because of the torrential rain and watched the Project Runway marathon on Bravo. (For a quick and entertaining synopsis of the series, read here.) Sure "Project Runway" is a reality winner because fashion people are the cattiest bitches around (worse than bloggers), but what I found the most fascinating about the show was the revisionist history regarding the contestants. Kevin was 44 on the first episode then suddenly became 7 years younger for the rest of the series. I thought it was rude to make Wendy 39 at first, then 40. I mean it’s only a year difference. Maybe the producers hated her. The best was how Jay told a memorable story about working for a porn Website before "Project Runway," but magically morphed into a 'Vintage Store Owner' for the rest of the episodes. Don’t you love reality television? Bravo is running another "Project Runway" marathon on Wednesday. The final two-hour episode airs this Wednesday 9/8 c. Meow.


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