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The National Enquirer is Tripping

Part of: Cameron Diaz , Gossip , Hollywood

I can be quite the intuitive at times. Last night I was catching up on e-mails and decided to see how Shane Nickerson was doing. He's been promising to do a guest blog for me for a long time, but things like Cameron Diaz' MTV show, Trippin', got in the way. I also decided to finally add Mr. Nickerson to my blogroll. (For some reason he had linked to me in a complimentary post a while back, but had never added me to his blogroll--no hard feelings, Shane. ) Funny, 'cause I keep on trying to inspire Shane to guest blog with the promise of lots of referrals. Damn, now that this is out, he'll probably never make a guest appearance here.


I looked at all of the 10 or so pictures today at a newsstand. It's not obvious that Cameron Diaz and MTV producer Shane Nickerson are kissing each other as The National Enquirer alledges. Cameron was obviously distressed about something and Shane was hugging her and perhaps kissed her on the cheek. There's even a guy right by them in one of the pictures. Also, The National Enquirer quotes a photographer (yeah, that's a reliable source!) who acknowledges that it's odd that the two would make out in public for a few minutes outside of a sound studio--"The tryst -- in broad daylight on a busy sidewalk..."
yeah, duh!

*2nd Update

IMDB reports that Cameron Diaz is suing Britain's The Sun newspaper over the same story.

*3rd Update

Shane is back to regular blogging. Welcome back Shane!


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