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I Heart Jill Soloway...

Part of: Hollywood , Literati

[Breakfast: a handful of pistachio nuts]

...'cause she's like way funny


Jill Soloway writes 7/10

join me as I turn fourteen on saturday, july 16th at 7:30 pm, come to this event for the book Three Kinds of Asking for It at:

Skylight Books
1818 N. Vermont
Los Feliz CA
323-660-1175 for more info

Susie Bright edited this really cool collection of 3 novellas. Susie will be speaking and Greta Christina will be reading from her novella which is much dirtier than mine. I will read from Jodi K which I may even do in the voice of a fourteen year old girl. I haven't decided yet. Come and find out! Buy a book and get it signed! I'll write something personal just to you....

ps, if you're confused, don't be! this is not to be mistook for my comedic post-feminist memoir, tiny ladies in shiny pants, which comes out in september. there will be more invites and more readings then...

Jill Soloway writes BAT 7/8:

gee, my last Six Feet Under ever airs this Sunday night... we're back to sundays, whoopeeee!

I sorta stopped alerting people to my eps, but as this is my last one ever, I thought I'd do one more "hey everyone". So, "hey everyone", I think you will like it, perhaps as much as you like my over-use of quotation marks in this e-mail.


jill "used-to-work-on-6-feet" soloway


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