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Hollywood 101

Part of: Hollywood

[Breakfast: a chocolate chip pancake and half of a sausage washed down with an iced coffee.]

A simple way to figure out if a movie is going to suck or rock your world is by noticing what publications they quote in their ads. If they quote people and magazines that you've never heard of or aren't known for their film reviews, be sure to stay away. For example, in this week's paper the quotes for RED EYE are from People Magazine (No offense, Leah Rozen), Sirius Satellite Radio, New York Daily News, US Weekly and Life & Style Weekly. Their highlighted review (that I didn't even notice until this analysis) is from Rolling Stone, which isn't bad. But compare that roster of publications to those of THE 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN: Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Ebert & Roper, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington get the picture. This method isn't fool proof, but a good indicator.


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