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Situation: Tragedy

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[Breakfast: Groundworks small latte and a Spega yogurt (cinnamon and ginger)

In case you haven’t noticed, Situation: Comedy is never advertised on Bravo and has no re-runs unlike every Bravo show I can think of in the history of the channel. It originally aired on Tuesday nights before changing to Fridays. The ratings for the first episode were just 25% of Kathy Griffin’s debut outing. I feel badly even comparing the two shows because Kathy Griffin’ s show is so superior. I mean she’s one of the most naturally funny people ever. I tried to catch Situation: Comedy last Friday night, but didn’t realize that it airs at 7 PM-- the kiss of death. They may as well kill the show or send it to…oh, wait, it can’t be re-sent to Bravo to air. Right, it’s only failed NBC shows that go to Bravo.

Last year a comic told me about Bravo’s sitcom writing contest. Since I was working on a pilot at the time, I thought the contest had potential. When I discovered that the contest was also tied to a reality show, I gave up. I can’t think of a better way to kill your writing career than going on a reality show. It’s perfect for a self-destructive writer who has fear of success, though. These shows thrive on drama, and filming a newbie writer without representation is dangerous. But making fun of dumb writers willing to go on a reality show should be funny-ha, ha.

Also, there’s no point going on a show that’s rigged. It’s no coincidence that the winners were two teams of writers. The first team had a promising story about an 11 year-old boy going on 30. It was Chas Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. Sure, this might work – but I gave up all hope when the casting directors for that sitcom cast one of the writers’ sisters (who was completely obnoxious) in one of the lead roles. The second team pitched a story about a sperm donor. How could they possibly make that show last more than one episode? That idea is so ‘90s, it’s ridiculous.

There was another writer whose name I think was Mark (he was the one with very large eyes) - everyone loved his script and said he nailed his pitch. But why wasn’t his chosen over the sperm donors? I suppose when most of the second and third episodes focused on the rewriting of the scripts and the internal battles of the two writing teams, it wouldn’t have been fun watching Mark arguing with himself. But hey! One of the sperm donor writers was named "Shoe" and seemed like a real whacked out character – perfect reality TV material – drama, drama, drama. I wonder if he’s an actor. Now I’m not saying that "Shoe" and what's-his-name aren’t good writers because I haven’t read their sitcom. This takes a lot of fun out of the show for me. I would be a lot more vested in the writers if I had opinions about what they had written – I’m sure Bravo will put out a ‘Cliff Notes’ soon.

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