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Notes on the Emmys and E!'s Pre-show, etc.

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Television

[Breakfast: cinnamon/ginger yogurt with Muesli]

--Star Jones’ head does not belong on her new body, nor do purple velvet curtains.

--Pulling the plug on the sound when Kathy Griffin was going to say something mildly entertaining to Carson was a bad idea. So was having Juliana cut Kathy off every 5 seconds.

--Marcia Cross looked pretty. The aliens decided that she could look human for one night.

--Jennifer Love Hewitt has proven again that she’s really fucking annoying. Note to Love: If you’re going to LIE (unless you're bulimic) and say that you ate an In-N-Out burger before an awards show, say it as a joke. Also, when presenting an award with a fellow actress, have the decency not to walk ahead of her. It just made you look like a bitch.

--The voting for the musical renditions were fixed just like they were for Situation: Comedy. In my opinion, Donald did not trump Shatner. And thank you Emmys for not letting the people on the West Coast vote.

--Felicity Huffman managed to drop in her acceptance speech that she’d been in a few David Mamet plays, forever clearing up that she was never a desperate (old soap star) housewife.

--Host Ellen DeGeneres got in a nasty barb* about actors--I love her!

--During E!’s entire show, Juliana made it clear that she wanted to fuck everyone whether they were male like "The Piv" aka Jeremy Piven or female like Sela Ward and Melania Trump who she flattered to death. There was also a mention of threesomes with Donald and Melania Trump. Wait, she also admitted to Tony Shaloub that adjusting his tux before accepting his award was sooo sexy!!! This chick needs to get laid badly.

* "If you don't win tonight, it doesn't mean you're not a good person. It just means you're not a good actor."


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