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Blogs Du Jour

Part of: Literati

--Shane blogs about going to an awards show as a nominee instead of working it.

--Rachael is back with a tapas recipe for dummies. Also, I talked her into whipping up a divine pumpkin pie recipe. More to come on that later.

--Boi From Troy guest blogs at the Southern California Law Blog for ten days.

--Sean Bonner at has found some useful information at (I discovered that same info a week ago, strangely enough)

--Laurel writes about her adventures taking public transportation.

--Plato has been to some spectacular places.

--Kevin Roderick from has a book signing this Sunday, October 23 at Hennessey + Ingalls, 214 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica. 2 - 5 pm.

Most Recent Blogs added to my Blogroll:

--Petite Anglaise
--Perez Hilton

In Other News:

--Finally...Jill Soloway has been featured in "My Favorite Weekend" in the Calendar Weekend section of the LA Times.

--Groovy readers, thank you for continuing to support BAT by clicking on my Blogads and Google ads.


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