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Fabolous' Little Darlings

Part of: Gossip , Kate Moss , Paris Hilton

[Breakfast: coconut macaroon and a glass of champagne]

Ah, Paris and Stavros---the poster children for how to act tacky and outrageous while being sickly wealthy (well, Stavros is sickly wealthy at least). With Stavros alledgedly causing $100,000 worth of damage in a room at The Hard Rock in Vegas and causing a car accident while alledgedly drunk driving, I'm suggesting that you two take it down a notch. Yes, I know Paris, that only Stavros has gotten the bad publicity and who really cares about him, but you are with him, so that says something about you. A "Breakfast at Tiffany's" insider was at Fabolous' birthday party the other night and caught you both in action generally causing a ruckus, which is, like, so very rock star (your MO) so that's nothing new. But it's really not smart to be alledgedly doing lines of cocaine off tables in public. That's how media darlings like Kate Moss fall from grace for like two seconds. But Kate Moss' star is way stronger than yours Paris. All I'm saying is that it could happen to you, and it wouldn't be pretty.


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