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I'm a long time reader, first time writer. Love the blog and your surgically precise observations. Anyway, Section 8 is also the military's term for insanity. Remember on MASH why Klinger wore dresses? To get a section 8 discharge. The HUD program came later and part of it also involves housing persons who would qualify under the military's definition of section 8. Just a reminder.

--a fan

I found my way to your blog whilst searching for quotes from Breakfast At Tiffany's, bookmarked it, been a fan since. Other than my affinity with Audrey Hepburn and Truman Capote novellas, I am a handbag addict. I love your Cerises Pochette Accessoires! I was also gifted with Louis Vuitton for Christmas - a monogram Deauville. I am not sure if it is too big to use as an everyday handbag. I may just use it as a work bag it looks as if I can slip a folder or two within.


I love you BUT...the finale of Nip/Tuck was no different from any other episode this season. Frat boys stuck together with glue. Fat people adhered to their sofas. Phloxes who want their legs removed. It was quality comedy, realism be DAMNED.- Syriana: better than you remember. It has Dr. Bashir, for chrissakes, and it was filmed beautifully. Er...that's all. Read any good screenplays lately? --Your fan,

Greg Howard


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