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Isaac-The Queenie Bitch from Hell

Part of: Television

[Breakfast: a salami, onion and mozzarella cheese scramble]

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Maybe for a second it seemed like a good idea to give Isaac Mizrahi his own show--if you were sitting with him stoned out of your mind that is. You know when a relative—often the patriarch in the family—has a penchant for telling jokes that are not only unfunny, but cringe worthy, that’s Isaac. In a recent interview with Niecy Nash from "Clean House" also from the Style Network, we learned that "Niecy" was a nickname for Denise in the African American community. Pan to the four African American people in the audience. Niecy then went on to tell a story about her beloved grandmother that Isaac jokingly said must call her granddaughtery. Not funny.

Interviewing people on the street in New York City about their most favorite present ever, a young woman told Isaac her engagement ring was her best present. Now this ring was definitely a carat and probably had around .25 of diamonds around the band (plus her wedding band was a diamond eternity band). Most American women have engagement rings of less than a carat and have plain wedding bands. Well, Isaac of course grabbed her hand to check it out and made a loud Ahhhhh!!! sound. That’s cute…but then he turned around and admitted that that’s what people do when the diamond is very small and don’t know what else to say. WTF Isaac??? You are so mean.

Isaac admitted that he’s a Queen, and it’s obvious that he’s a bitch, but he’s worse than a Queenie bitch. It’s not only unfunny but also horribly boring how every other sentence Isaac says is PR for Target and his Target line of clothes. It seems that a requisite for being on his show is doing a backstage segment that requires oohing and ahhing over his Target collection. (Mandy Moore would so not wear that silver trench coat from Target!!!)

Oh, and they also do little behind the scenes segments a la "Unzipped"(I was only a teenager when that came out, but thought Isaac was amusing in it) of Isaac’s un-witicizms with staff who will probably quit in a week and flustered guests who are waiting to appear on set that day.

Isaac made an observation about how only gay men are watching his show, but I’d be surprised. With all the negativity spewing from his lips, his target audience seems to be bitchy older women with low self-esteem who hate the world. It’s too bad that Isaac can’t find a fine balance between sarcasm and wittiness like Kathy Griffin who actually deserves her own talk show. E! please take note.

Miko writes B.A.T.

"I couldn't agree with you more. Isaac Mizrahi needs to be TANKED. he is rude, crass and classless. the gastineau girls episode was the perfect example as well. how dare you harass her about her age AND how much money she makes, on national television? furthermore, the whole idea with people bringing their entire closets to ask isaac what they should wear things with (aka to show off their purchases on national TV) needs to be tanked as well. "unzipped" is SO offensive... he terrorizes his staff so much, it's awful. and his band isn't in tune with him at all, he's always trying to get them to play music at the most inopportune times to make himself appear to be funnier. he's such a control freak. DON'T clap for him!!!..."

" mother loved your article, i sent it to her. :o) she said to tell tiffany the following: isaac is clearly one of those gay men who doesnt particularly like women. he is rude to pretty much all of his female guests, other than the ones he deems icons in either the beauty or the fashion world (see: andi macdowell [sic], sarah jessica parker). the reason most people don't notice this is because almost all of his guests are female. his male guests, however, get flirted with heavily, from handymen who he can't stop touching ("oops... i touched you again!!" he giggled) to the coach of the yankees, who was treated graciously by isaac, who clearly doesn't even like sports. my mother is insisting that the gender dynamic is a crucial component to isaac's nasty personality, characteristic of many gay men who abhor fag-hags and also the competition that is implied in the female gender. though the world of fashion has many more possibilities for the female body, that is where his interest women ends!!!"


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