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--Isaac Hayes isn’t leaving "South Park" and Chef behind, you ignorant fools. “ has deemed it "ridiculous" that the singer, who has been recovering from a stroke suffered in mid-January, would all of a sudden turn against the show for poking fun at his religion. Those close to Hayes are said to be "mystified" by the statement released March 13 and attributed to him.” Yeeah!!! For once Fox News has journalistic integrity. [Dark Horizons]

--Prince gave 500 lucky fans a surprise midnight concert at the Sunset Tower Records store in Hollywood. Meanwhile, his other unlucky fans had to wait outside in the rain to buy the first copies of his new album, 3121. Note to fans: it’s better to be a sore loser than to grovel in the rain. [USA Today]

--At Harvard, the trendiest course on campus is Positive Psychology, (even more popular than Economy 101!) which is the brainchild of Tal Ben-Shahar. His four tips to happiness are: Feel your pain; Keep a gratitude journal; Sweat it out; (referring to exercise) and Accept life as a roller coaster. Wow, those Harvard students are learning real novel ideas. [Fox News]

--TMZ’s publicist, Gillian S. Sheldon, does her job well and is a hottie. [Gawker]

--In the finale of HuffCloon, Arianna Huffington blogged an apology over the weekend. I assume because she was bored. HuffCloon has officially jumped the shark. (That is unless she apologizes to George Clooney, too.)

--Radiohead’s singer, Tom Yorke, ambassador for the charity Friends of the Earth, refused an opportunity to discuss climate change with British prime minister, Tony Blair. Yorke explained that Blair has “no environmental credentials.” Right. The real reason is that he choked. He was also heard saying that if Jessica Simpson wasn’t going to meet with George Bush then he wasn’t going to meet with Tony Blair ‘cause he’s a much better singer and way cooler than Jess. BAT agrees. [Fox News]

--“Crumbs” star, Fred Savage, is expecting his first child in August with his wife, Jennifer Stone Savage. P.S. Donald Trump’s wife Melania Knauss Trump just gave birth to their first child (and his fifth)--a boy, Barron William. Maybe they could pitch a reality show: The Wonder Years meets The Apprentice. [My Way/ CBS]

--Paris and Nicky Hilton may soon have an animated series about their lives. Hmm...that sounds like a good way to put your kids to sleep...permanently. [The Sun UK]

--Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills mansion is in escrow for $22.5 million. I’m glad that it sold, because having a Beverly Hills mansion is so passé. [TMZ]


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