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Top Travel Picks

Part of: Fashion , Travel

1. Exhilaration Bronze Mesh Tote

2. Mostro Perf Puma shoes

3. Revlon Lipglide Sheer in Sheerly Strawberry (Sheerly Raspberry is good for dark skin or dark hair)

4. Stila sheer color tinted moisturizer spf 15 (medium)

5. Trader Joe's organic trek mix and yogurt peanut Balance bars.

I travel quite often and the list above includes the things I can't live without. The tote from Target is a great lightweight bag to bring as a carry on with your magazines or folds easily into your suitcase. I like to fill it up with whatever I purchase on my trip that I don't want to put in my suitcase. It's also great as a beach bag. My Puma shoes are so comfortable to wear on the plane and are my walking shoes for Europe. They don't scream American and are stylish with jeans and dark pants. They make them for men, too. I can't live without my Revlon Sheerly Strawberry lipgloss because it's the perfect color and is moisturizing but not sticky. I don't like to wear foundation during the day, so Stila's sheer tinted moisturizer is perfect and has sunscreen. On road and plane trips I always bring trail mix and Balance bars for snacks or for breakfast if stores aren't open. I don't always want plane food or food from hotel mini bars. I also like to bring a travel pillow for my back and neck. And of course I'm obsessed with water, so I'll bring a large bottle (the largest that I can carry comfortably) of Arrowhead or Smart Water on the plane. Do you have any travel faves?

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