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Ryan Seacrest on 'Ana' Watch

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Gossip , Television

[Breakfast: an egg white frittata with a side of turkey bacon]

Have any of you watched E! News lately? DK and I caught it the other night when Ryan Seacrest had just returned from whatever else he was doing. Maybe he's been sick or working too much, but he didn't look well. Seacrest's jacket was too big and his clothes in general were loose. His face looked gaunt and pale--it seemed like he had suddenly aged. Seacrest has looked too skinny before but now I'm worried that he could be anorexic. Let's hope for his health that he's only been working too hard. Since Seacrest was a fatty when he was younger, he is susceptible to having disordered eating. The pictures above were taken June 1.

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