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A Perfect Chocolate Bar

Part of: Food , Travel

If you ever find yourself in Paris--which you should visit at least once in a lifetime--buy a chocolate bar from Patrick Roger. There are at least 20 kinds of varieties varying in taste from fruity to spicy. Each bar is from a different country, too. My favorite ones so far have been from Ghana and Ecuador. There's even a 100% cacao bar for diabetics and one bar of milk chocolate. True chocolate lovers go for dark chocolate. When DK and I visited this immaculate chocolatier--it's really like going into a chocolate art gallery--a French woman who obviously felt territorial of her local chocolatier pointed out that the chocolates were very expensive--maybe she thought that we'd leave and she could get her chocolate fix sooner. The customer service at this shop is on point and yes you can ask for samples. Beware: After having their brilliant orange sticks, I can't have the ones from Trader Joe's ever again.

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