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"Real Life Models'" Don't Exist

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Uli's Design Vincent's Design Robert's Design

The fact that Vincent won last night’s Project Runway after designing a dress for Uli’s mother is pretty hysterical. I can still picture Laura quickly running to the bathroom to puke—I assume that’s what happened. When Alison was let go after last week’s episode Laura lashed out at Vincent, clearly wishing that he had gone instead of sweet-but-boring Alison. Did you know that Laura revealed on this week’s episode that she’s pregnant with her 6th child? If I met Laura, I’d swear on my life that she didn’t have any children. But maybe she’s not a cutting, selfish bitch in real life. Frankly I don’t know how she and her husband have time for sex unless they have multiple nannies.

I don’t know that Vincent deserved to win. His design was OK, but contrary to the judges opinion I didn’t think it fit that well. Uli should’ve won for her flattering, ethereal design for Kane’s mom. I’m not sure why the judges always slight her, but she’ll definitely be in the last three. It seems that even the judges couldn’t break down and let an outfit designed for a plus-sized woman win. Especially after last week’s episode when Tim called Alison’s model plus-sized when she clearly wasn’t. The judges obviously thought the plus-sized mothers were elephant-sized. I suppose it was Robert’s time to go after designing a shapeless muumuu for Vincent’s sister. Too bad there weren’t any fat Barbie dolls for him to practice on first. For someone who designs for Barbie dolls, it’s odd that he’s done so many boring designs in heinous colors. Next week I hope that Angela gets auf’d.

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