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BAT Snarky?

Part of: Hollywood


Breakfast: half of a toasted pumpernickel bagel with cottage cheese and vine ripened tomato slices.

I have a meeting with a producer/manager (not about script reading) this week. The first time he e-mailed me he wrote: "hope all's me or call anytime as long as you don't post anything snarky about me..."

I talked to him today and he reiterated that his one caveat was that I don't post anything snarky about him. Producer went on to mention Barry Josephson as an example. "But I didn't write anything snarky about him!" I protested.

Producer laughed, and then said I could write about him if I didn't use his name. Well, duh! I wouldn't use the name of someone who was well-known. Like, I bet this producer knows Lou Leviwitz, but that's not his real name. I had to use Barry Josephson's name for the piece on Kate. I think Barry would've contacted me by now if he were mad.

Mr. Producer, I promise not to write anything else about you and definitely not anything snarky.

Anyway, I am meeting with Mr. Producer because I don't think he'd do anything in the first place that would warrant a snarky write-up. I only take meetings with people I've carefully screened and deemed real Hollywood.


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