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Down And Out In Mexico - Part 2

Part of: Travel

[Breakfast: A Strawberry Margarita and Fried Eggs "Divorciados"]

Today I was lying out topless on our patio when an iguana came within a foot of me. I jumped up startled, dropping my book (Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld). I definitely flashed some people, but they weren’t very close. Besides, I’m really not that modest. It’s funny how we all want to see other people naked even if we deny it. You know that if there were a naked man or woman on the beach you’d try to catch a glimpse, whatever their shape or size.

I can’t decide whether a fox sighting is more interesting than an iguana one. At the restaurant, foxes hang out until a waiter throws them tortilla chips. Fried food can’t be good for them. I wonder if that’s their junk food. Maybe all other food is like salad to them now. I was just reading an article in Elle about the possibility of food being an addiction like drugs or alcohol. Rats fed chocolate will hit a lever for more chocolate, but not for more rat food. I think the foxes should have a more balanced diet, maybe tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa. I’ll give the waiters my suggestion tomorrow.

There is a mixture of large and small ants here, which I find odd. You would think that they’d stay in their own tribes, but whatever. I feel guilty using Raid to kill the annoying ones, so I make DK do it. He’s currently in shock at having committed ant genocide so I’m off to the bar to get him another shot of tequila.

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Down and out in Mexico - Part 1

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