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Down And Out In Mexico - Part 3

Part of: Travel

[Breakfast: see below]

Each morning DK and I order room service and eat breakfast on our patio, overlooking our own private pool and jacuzzi. (This morning, the one-night stand couple in the room next door was shagging on their patio, so we pretended that we were having an affair as well and moaned extra loudly in-between sips of black tea –we both came hard as DK poured the second cup). Breakfast is included in our package, but it’s not your typical continental one – here, we can order whatever we want and all we have to pay for is the tip. Because it’s room service, they include 15% but for meals at the restaurant tipping 10% is sufficient. Well, except for the restaurant at the neighboring beach where they include 20% in the bill, but have an additional tip line on the credit card receipt – trying to trick us into double tipping, bastards! We’re never going to go back there again. We also sat next to the most boring couple from Texas. Little Miss Tex was very upset that her friend never ever text-messaged her first among other inanities like how it was a shame that all of her good friends were men, but it was important for her to have girlfriends as well—poor spoiled brat. It was weird, cause even though the couple was clearly married (she was sporting a modest wedding band), the conversation was like a first date “getting to know you” with just the chick talking about herself.

Possibly my favorite breakfast item is the fresh pineapple juice or jugo de piña. “Dole” pineapple juice is sickly sweet compared to this stuff. We also get an order of fresh croissants (as well as traditional Mexican bread) that I plaster with homemade apricot preserves instead of my default orange marmalade. Apricot is really the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Fried eggs with green and red Ranchero sauce are the best here – they sit on blinis, which are far superior to soggy English muffins.

This morning, I tried a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese, but the bagel was weird. It had the consistency of a stale roll and did not give me the usual gluttonous satisfaction when I bit into it. There’s no way I’m going to try the waffles or pancakes – somehow I think the Mexicans don’t like making American food. BTW, speaking of American food, as the sun set at our Mexican hideaway, Little Miss Tex and her beau ordered that quintessential Mexican meal for dinner, cheeseburger and fries - and they double tipped.

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