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Nicole Richie's Fake Hair

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Gossip , Nicole Richie , Sienna Miller

Nicole Richie recently got hair extensions. I know you’re like, who cares? Sienna Miller just got them too, and I didn’t write about hers. But Sienna had short hair, so it’s the norm to get longer extensions. Nicole, on the other hand, had medium-length hair. Her new extensions only lengthened her hair by a few inches, but it did thicken her hair. This is significant because eating disorders--especially anorexia-- make your hair fall out and look lackluster. What a lot of people don’t realize is that not eating makes you look like shit. Hollywood starlets often get away with looking good on camera because they have amazing hair stylists and makeup artists.


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Why are you always picking on nicole?

i personally adore nicole, and i feel like you're being very judgemental of her having an eating disorder which is really serious and very affending to other girls out there who are dealing w/ anorexia, so the next time you write about her show a little sympathy cause you have no idea what shes going through,
it may seem random of me to say. but its true and i thought u shoould know.

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