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Faith Hill is a Loser

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[Breakfast: Greek yogurt with pumpkin spice granola]

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Faith Hill needs to get over herself. I mean she was 100% positive that she was going to win Female Vocalist of The Year at the CMA's. She was so sure of herself that when Carrie Underwood's name was announced, she almost started walking to accept the award. That's sad. What's worse is that she then turned to the camera and mouthed, WHAT??? before allegedly storming off. What's worse than that is the cover-up. Instead of admitting that she had a real human reaction to something that sucked (instead of the usual fake smile that all the other nominees had) Faith and her management team are saying that her reaction was a 'joke' and that she'd never disrespect a fellow artist. Come on, she was totally like WTF an American Idol winner is winning this instead of Faith Hill!! Go to the next page to see the hilarious you tube of this moment.



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oh my god, that is hilarious! and freaky!

Haha... oh well, she's human, huh? Reckon I'd be pissed, too.

Faith Hill is EXTREMELY sad.

Faith Hill is a sore loser! Oh comon, this singer is sad, pathetic, and untalented! I don’t even know how she got nominated? First, she disses Shania Twain for dressing sexy, but that faith hill lady herself gets sexier in every new video she released. And then this Carrie jealousy thing. This is absolute no jokes, whoever believes her must be really dumb and undenial. Faith Hill man, i don’t see what Tim sees in you, he can do soo much better. You are sad, sad, and sad. But why do I still have absolute no pity for you?

Oh I forgot one thing. Shania is gorgeous, cute, pretty, talented, elegant, and she would NEVER bad mouth other people. YOU, Faith Hill, is NOTHING compared to Shania. Not even 0.0000001%


What a A-Whole are you, Davis N. ScotT? No words! Faith Hill is perfect! And you are just a jerk!

faith is a washed up crack whore and her bald cuckhold hubby needs to get a job at dennys ...shes a has been with those fake tits and plastic face ..go back to the busstops to turn tricks you old slut

first off faith Had to fuck everyone in nasvillie she is sub talent ok for a bar or hotel act..after that she bads mouths everyone as she blows any guy that can help her ( even the guy in the mailroom to give her tapes)shes a washed up has been all the plastic face and sagging breast fake also are catching up with her along with her lies, meaness, what a MS. tramp faith get on the bus and go back to the trailer court you old hag!!

Faith you washed up old dick sucking fucked everyone in TN. your tits are sagging to your knees your plastic mike jackson face looks like shit to and you been seen eating shit in the mens room at the bus station were is that pig shaina

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