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Kirstie Alley on Oprah

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I'll admit it, when I first saw this picture I was like Damn, Kirstie Alley has thunder thighs. I will never complain again about my thighs being fat. Then I saw the bikini reveal on the Oprah show (seen on next page) and thought that Kirstie looked pretty good. What's ironic is that Kirstie has the guts to go on Oprah and show the world her body in a bikini, but can't tell the truth about what she used to weigh. She's allegedly lost 75 pounds from a starting weight of 220 pounds. There's no way that she weighs 145 way! There's also no way that her stomach is that flat without some surgical help.


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I agree with the BS weight claim. Also it looks to me that she has a body stocking on, you can see the edge aroung the top of her right knee. Her body can't be that big and that "firm"/toned looking.

Also, there's no way her max weight was only 220 - with as tall as she is it had to be way more than that. She did admit on the show to wearing 'stripper tights' so that would account for the edge seen around her knee.

I am in agreement with A.S. Theres no way she weighed 220 pounds with her height and all the photos that were in the tabloids. she was most definitely alot bigger than that! 220 is not 'that' big on a taller big boned person. I think she was maybe embarrassed to tell what she had really gotten to. but what the heck, right? she shouldn't feel ashamed, telling her 'true' weight. that would be an inspiration to others that feel they're so big that its too late to do anything about it.

She looks better than she originally did. The bikini pic is not what I expected. I thought that she was trying to get "even" with the other girl from JC ad. This doesn't show it. She needs to loose some of her thighs! Then she can go on Oprah again. Help her JC consultants!

You're right. I'm an inch shorter and 15 pounds heavier and I'm waaaay smaller than that.

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