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The Breakup x 2

Part of: Drew Barrymore , Gossip , Hollywood
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I don't know if I believe that Drew Barrymore and Fabrizio Moretti are really broken up as US Weekly is reporting. They're probably just on sabbatical again. It gets tough dating a rock star and vice versa. Drew should marry Fab already. I mean, she'll marry dorky Tom Green and not a hot band boy. She must be loca.

As for Claire Danes and Billy Crudup, it's really heartbreaking that such a perfect couple broke up. Do you remember when Billy left his then 7 months pregnant girlfriend, Mary Louise Parker, for his Stage Beauty co-star? Mary Louise Parker totally got the last laugh considering that she has a career and he doesn't.

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Haha... Tom Green. That's a faded star, there.

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