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[Breakfast: low-sodium V8, tuna salad, 2 Carr's whole wheat crackers]

I hope a lot of you are on vacation right now somewhere lovely and tropical (I wish I were there). If not, I have a really cool link for you to check out. How often do I link places? Almost never. So go here now. Oh, and come back here and tell me what you had for breakfast. I have some appointments this moring, so I'll be posting later this afternoon.




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That was a great website. very interesting.

PS. Everything Bagel w/cream cheese and green tea.

I don't eat so weirdly after all.. hee hee.
Raspberry jam on toast and a deviled egg with mango peach juice.

I had two boiled eggs (one pink, one orange) left over from Easter and a cup of green tea with lemon.
Interesting link. I looked at everyone's breakfast. It made me feel guilty as I never eat on my pretty dishes.

I love this site! I (almost) always agree with you!

Cinnamon raisin toast, a banana and OJ.

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