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The Jerk

Part of: LA , Seinfeld-esque

[Breakfast: cinnamon/ginger yogurt]

DK got a second note on his car. When he told me this, I assumed that it was from the same person who left the first one. Maybe we’d have to take the note to the police. This time the letter was threatening. I looked at the chicken scratch on the note: Next time you park in two spaces you might not be so lucky, jerk. I would’ve put an exclamation mark after jerk. I studied the note some more. It was definitely written by an old man. He’s probably one of those drivers who doesn’t look behind him when he’s reversing. I hate those old people drivers who do that. One almost hit me the other day. DK pointed to where he had been parked. It seemed impossible that he had taken up two spaces.

"Are you sure that there wasn’t more space between your car and the other one?" I asked. My loyalty swayed for a minute.

"Yes!!!" DK said pissed off.

"Well, you better be careful. " I pictured an old man keying DK’s car and started laughing.

"It’s not funny. Something bad could’ve happened to my car!" DK said.

"Yeah, but it didn’t."

DK and I quickly forgot about the note. We were on a mission to drink as much free coffee as possible. It was the last day that the "buy 12 drinks and get one free" pink cards were being honored at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and DK had over 25 cards to use up.


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