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Jamie Lee Curtis on Young Hollywood

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Jamie Lee Curtis being interviewed on the red carpet before the SAG awards by Ryan Seacrest:

Ryan Seacrest: "You have quite a big ‘presents’ tonight, don’t you? You have quite an honor."

Jamie Lee Curtis: "I do. I get to present the lifetime achievement award to Shirley Temple Black, a magnificent actress, but more than anything an incredible woman, an incredible human being. The greatest example for all the young actors who are running around with their heads cut off buying things at Kitson."

I don’t know if Kitson is still soo trendy. It’s really overpriced, so don’t go there unless you are looking for a star sighting.

RS: "Let’s talk about young Hollywood…"

JLC: "They should just pay attention to this woman and the work she’s done as a humanitarian. She’s been able to take her roll as an actor and go out into the universe and really use it to do great, great, great…"

RS: "Do you roll your eyes at some of these young cover girls?"

JLC: "I feel badly that they’re not being guided better by advisors, friends, and parents. That somehow in the world today that they’ve gotten the idea that that kind of brass commercialism, just throwing money around is OK…"

Hmm…I wonder which young Hollywood brats Jamie Lee Curtis is referring to? Could it perhaps be…


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