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Sharon Stone vs Sharon Stone

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The Evil Stepmother

I can't figure out what's going on with Sharon Stone. I know actresses are crazy and will often do and say anything for publicity, but Stone is out of control. Sorry, Auntie Shar!!

Contact Music found this scary stepmonster quote:

"I was in the store the other day and I watched a young girl trying on clothes, showing her abdomen. "Her mother was trying to talk to her about not being inappropriately luring. I said, 'Gee that would look much nicer with a camisole under.' "Her mother walked away, and I said to the girl, 'I'd like to give you a two-minute conversation about sex.' "Young people talk to me about what to do if they're being pressed for sex? I tell them (what I believe): oral sex is a hundred times safer than vaginal or anal sex. "If you're in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job. I'm not embarrassed to tell them."
I really hope that Sharon made this up 'cause if you watch talk shows or read magazines, you'd know that this is precisely one of the big problems that pre-teen and teenage girls are facing today. They give blowjobs like it's no big deal and see nothing wrong with it. And what's up with her telling girls if they're in a situation where they can't get out of having sex to give a blowjob--that's seriously fucked-up. This kind of situation would be called 'rape' and I wouldn't think that you could get out of it by offering a blowjob.
The Sexy MILF

Sharon Stone has also become a shape shifter. All four of the above photos were taken within weeks of each other. Does she have a case of multiple personality disorder or something? How could someone go from looking like a crazy evil grandmother (yeah, stepmother was BAT being nice) to a sexy fortysomething MILF. Maybe she's secretly adopted the teenager that she was dolling out advice to and is letting her completely style her for x amount of press events if she promises to only give oral sex and refrain from intercourse. That's the only thing I can think of. Any other ideas?

Sharon Stone told The Toronto Star:

"I wanted a lot of sex in [the sequel]. I was coming from a really kinky place. I saw a rough cut of the film and I wanted more nudity and more edgy verbal things. I was like, where’s all the crazy stuff I did?….I thought, let’s go crazy because let’s face it, this is going to be my last hurrah doing something like this…"


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As far as the blow job suggestion goes, actually, blow jobs are just as dangerous (if not more) than other forms of sex where condoms are usually used. Frankly, as distasteful as bj's can be, I would imagine they are far worse with a condom (those things stink, so I can only imagine how they must taste). I know that none of this has come out the way I had intended it to...but I'm guessing that you get my general idea.


ps. Sharon is a freak.

she is insane. offer a blow job? are you kidding me? how about offering a kick in the balls? and yeah - its just as dangers STD wise as intercourse. IDIOT! i've never liked her. i think Basic Instinct 2 is gonna bomb big time.

ok,i disagree with you guys. i think that she's right - oral sex is about 100 times safer than penetrative sex, but it's still dangerous (especially if you swallow). also, she shouldn't be talking to other people's children without their parents' permission. i'd slap her if she came within 100 feet of my child (if i had one).

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