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[Breakfast: gummi cola bottles]

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This is a really horrid picture of Rachel McAdams. Bad, bad lighting. I know that I was just complaining about how annoying she his yesterday, but I also complimented her on using her fiance to get thrust into the spotlight again. Little did I know that one of my sources would just happen to have some Rachel McAdams related gossip. Rachel should be milking Ryan Gosling for all she can considering she might not make it down the aisle. My source told BAT exclusively that Ryan has been hanging out with one of his ex girlfriend's lately. That can't be good. Actors are such sluts.

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what is ur problem?

why cant you just leave Rachel McAdams alone?

she has doen nothing wrong, you hear about actresses not doing any roles for a while then they come back and do a masive blockbuster hit!

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling seem to be doing fine, why do you have to atack their relationship, simply because you dont like Rachel McAdams.

leave the girl alone, stop atacking her relationship and focus on you own!

eee someone is obsess with Ryan. You can can write the most hateful things on Rachel, you still won't get Ryan!!lol it must really suck to see them together doesn't it. considering that Ryan is saying that Rachel is the most giving person he knows it must suck for you. I feel sorry for you really.

ex-girlfriends? considering sandra bullock is the only ex-girlfriend of his and considering she's with jesse james, i doubt it. It's obvious you are just jelous because Rachel score herself Ryan and you're probaly still single.

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