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Allegra 'Ana' Versace

Part of: Rant
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Allegra Versace has finally gone to rehab for her eating disorder. The girl only weighs 70 pounds! She makes Nicole Richie seem healthy. In this month's issue of Harper's Bazaar she admitted, “My mom dressed me in silk to go to elementary school. In kindergarten, they sent me home because I couldn’t do finger painting in my dress.” Yeah, so Dontatella was already trying to make her daughter an anorexic model from the day she was born. Allegra is allegedly under 24-hour supervision and must be fed through a naso-gastric tube in her rehab facility. Allegra has chosen the city of angels to waste away in, instead of her native Itlay. I don't get that. If you're going to starve yourself, at least go to Capri or the South of France. Allegra was super-close with her uncle, Gianni Versace, and is like richer than rich. He left her a large chunk of his empire in his will. I'm sure the added pressure worsened her eating disorder. I suggest that Allegra ditch all of her bitchy, rich friends post-rehab. You know all of them are bad influences and have eating disorders, too.



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Man, some sad pics there.

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