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BAT's Spring Picks

Part of: LA , Slice of Life , Sparkly

MAKEUP: MAC Limited Edition Eyeliner in Mint & Olive -- get this fast it's sold out everywhere except online.

MOVIE: Hot Fuzz -- I didn't want to see this movie from the trailer, but Shaun of the Dead was hilarious and there was a special screening at the ArcLight with a Q&A afterward with the director, co-writer/actor and the other lead. Oh, and Quentin Tarantino introduced them. Go to Q&A's there if you can--the only person that was scheduled to speak was the director. Anyway, the movie is funny and if you watch a lot of action films you'll find the comedy even funnier.

MAGAZINE: April's Elle magazine (The Green issue) --a good non-preachy read so you can get better versed about how you can make a difference. Hope you realized that it was Earth Day on Sunday.

BOOK: Eat, Pray and Love -- a good book to read by someone who did something that most of us only fantasize about: taking time off to travel. Of course, the author took time off to heal from a nightmare divorce so it's non-fiction, but totally funny.

COLLECTION: H&M's organic cotton collection. I bought the cutest (subtle) off-the-shoulder top there the other day. Did you know that cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops? I'd rather not wear pesticides. I also have a top by Stewart and Brown that I love (it's part of my plane travel ensemble) but the brand is pricier. Also, check out designer Alana May. I bought the cutest tye-dyed dress from her recently that's mostly made of bamboo.

DAY TRIP: Santa Barbara --brunch at Tupelo Junction Cafe. Walk around, shop, go to the beach, museums, etc. then go for drinks/appetizers or dinner at Intermezzo or The Wine Cask if you want something fancier (they are next to each other).

BED & BREAKFAST (Santa Monica): Channel Road Inn ---I finally stayed here for a night and loved it. To stay multiple nights try to book way in advance.

3 SQUARE BAKERY (Venice): Cinnamon rolls

I will continue adding to this list....


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Correction for you.. its actually HOT FUZZ not The Fuzz. Also..I reccomend it..its really funny.

I loved Elle's Green issue. One of the best mags I've seen this year.

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