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Johnny Grant (The unofficial mayor of Hollywood & Roosevelt Hotel penthouse resident) via LAT on Lindsay Lohan's recent incident:

"Maybe these young people should have a talk with Drew Barrymore. She was very public with her drinking and straightened herself out to become a star, a very smart woman and a talented producer."

Except to my knowledge Drew's partying never affected her work. Go to the next page to read the press release that the producers of LL's latest film made today and my insider analysis of the situation.

In the spirit of helping Lindsay Lohan and her rehabilitation, we have been asked by Lindsay to comply with her wishes to continue working on "Poor Things." We are trying to rearrange the shooting schedule to facilitate her working at the end of the shoot to coincide with the completion of her rehabilitation. We wish her love and the blending of mind, body and spirit.

Shirley MacLaine
Rob Hickman

One of the reasons why Lindsay Lohan probably went to rehab is so she could be insured under essential element insurance for Poor Things. It could take a month for drugs to clear out of her system for a medical. The producers are probably concerned right now if she'll even be insurable.


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Lindsay is acting out in childish and dare-devil manner and 'getting applause' attention for it. She just might seriously hurt someone and herself under the influence. If properly done she would put her life on hold for half a year and thankfully spend her time getting free from all her demons and foolishness, clear her system of drugs and alcohol.

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