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Friday Eye Candies

Part of: Ashlee Simpson , Friday Eye Candy , Gossip , Hollywood

Mandy Moore is looking really hot here on the set of "Dedicated" in NYC. This look reminds me of "Charlie's Angels," the '70s, and two Jackies.

(Jaclyn Smith in "Charlie's Angels" and Jacqueline Bissett In "Two for the Road")

Our second hottie is a surprise...

WTF? Ashlee Simpson looks pretty again. Yeah, I forgot that she used to be pretty, because her look has been whack for so long. Of course she doesn't look like herself in these photos, so maybe that's why. The clothes she's wearing in these pictures are much more suited to her age and vibe. For once she's not over styled.


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Its funny, Mandy looks WAY better with long hair But yet I think Ashlee looked better when she had the short sleek bob. But whatever, I never liked her much anyways

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