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Gossip for Breakfast

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[Breakfast: a toasted chocolate chip bagel with butter]

Mischa Barton is mildly annoying to me. I haven’t watched The O.C. in forever, but when I did, Mischa’s bland facial expression and one note acting bored me. I also can’t stand that she wears so many fugly outfits and hardly ever brushes her hair. So I was surprised when a source told me that Mischa is the best thing in the movie Closing the Ring. Seriously, WTF? In another breath this source told me that the director of the film, 82 year old Richard Attenborough, has taken Mischa under his wing and even offered to take her to her first summer class at London’s prestigious The Royal Academy for the Dramatic Arts. I’m glad that Mischa is taking acting classes, but will she really need them for a role on Desperate Housewives? Oh, and supposedly the Brits do know and love her because she was born there, so I doubt that she said, "I'm so surprised nobody really knows me in England. It's just unbelievable. I have to introduce myself, which I never have to do in the States." Maybe that rumor about her being on Desperate Housewives is false, too.

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