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'Ana' Watch

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Gossip , Hollywood
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I said a couple of months ago that Calista Flockhard was definitely "Ana" again. Now I'm not so sure. You know that Harrison Ford probably pressures her to stay thin so she looks like a child. Calista looks healthier in this picture than here or here. Her "Ana Alert" has been officially downgraded to "Ana Watch". Thora Birch used to be so pretty. She's tragically traded in her darker locks and voluptuous body for blonde hair and ultra thinness. She needs to get a new stylist and hair person because she looks like she's 25 going on 40.

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i quite agree

I too agree ... Thora's new looks are missing some of the things that used to make her hot. Now she's just like "the rest".

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