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Of Color and Controversy

Part of: Brangelina , Gossip , Hollywood , Literati , Politics , Rant
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There’s been controversy about Angelina Jolie playing the bi-racial widow Marianne Pearl of slain journalist Daniel Pearl in the biopic A Might Heart because she is white. One aggravated person even wrote in a forum that someone like Halle Berry should’ve been cast in the role. It’s ironic because Halle Berry has been cast in a different role that some might argue should have been played by a white woman since the story was based on a white woman. Halle will be playing a real life teacher who took on a challenge from her sixth grade class to run for Congress in 2000. Her students helped her and though she didn’t win, she won 35% of the popular vote. One could argue that it would be more difficult for a black woman to get that percentage of the vote in Reno, NV. So, is this an accurate portrayal? Should Angelina and Halle switch roles? The reality in film is that there have always been much better and significantly more roles for men than women. We should be happy that these talented actresses are being cast for their skills and not because of their color.

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Amen to that! Why should either be limited in the roles they play based on race? I wish people would realize this is 2006 not 1956

i guess... i dont know, i feel like the people who are being portrayed in film should have at least some say in how they want to be represented. blackface/whiteface... it's not cool if you really don't want to be represented that way.

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