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The Most Shocking MK Copycat Ever

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Kate Moss , The Olsens
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Mary-Kate Olsen was totally wearing the tights-with-a shirt-sans-skirt-or-trousers outfit before Kate Moss. This calls for knocking Kate off her fashion icon pedestal and replacing her with MK. I hope MK's boyfriend, Matthew Snow, (seen above) appreciates MK's ability to start so many new trends.

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kate moss has on shorts in that photo... its hard to tell on the pic posted here but ive seen that same photo and she has very tiny black hot shorts on...not copying mk

Its The TIGHTS!!! The Thick Black Opaque 60 denier Tights that are the culprit...They are taking over her life!! just like they are with so many other gullible young women of today!!

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