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Paris Exposes Her Feelings

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Paris Hilton allegedy wrote about her feelings regarding on Stavros Niarchos' official myspace page. Please note that I have no proof that this is real. Even if it's fake, I can tell you that Paris is definitely not happy about From the vibe I've felt on set, I believe that Paris has nothing to do with Also, Paris' camp is definitely concerned about any other private info getting out regarding the heiress. I actually do feel badly for Paris on this issue. I can't believe that I just said that. No, I'm not losing my edge.I just wouldn't wish this on anyone except for my worst enemy.

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I almost felt bad for Paris except that she put all that stuff in storage, didn't pay her bill and didn't return repeated calls from the storage facility to pay her bill. Why would anyone put personal items like sex tapes in a public storage facility and then not pay the bill? The storage facility has the right to auction off the items when the renter refuses to pay the bill. So the point is that Paris brought this one on herself.

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