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"The Hottie and the Nottie" Exclusive Set Report -- Part 3

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Paris Hilton
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“Do you think they’re filming Ugly Betty?” one homeless guy said to another as they walked past the Venice set of The Hottie and the Nottie. (Ugly Betty had been filming at the Santa Monica Pier a day earlier.)

I was about to tell him no, that it was a new Paris Hilton movie, but then thought better of it considering that it’s been proven that she’s popular with the homeless. It’s kind of sad that even homeless people know who she is and want her autograph.

But whatever, Paris isn’t the only ‘hottie’ in this film. Today was the first day of work for the male version (looks wise) of Paris. You might remember Johann Urb from the episode of Entourage last season when the guys go to Vegas and Drama acts so obsessed with his favorite massage therapist that the massage therapist thinks that he’s coming on to him. Yeah, the massage therapist was Johann. Johann can also currently be seen on some episodes of Dirt if you seriously lack taste and actually watch that show. (BTW: Paris Hilton is a better actress than Courtney Cox.)

I was curious to see if Johann was as picture perfect in real life as he is on film. Guys like him scare me because they seem almost too perfect. He and Paris are the archetypal Ken and Barbie, though Paris’ features are a little off: the fake blue contacts, small chest and not as cutesy nose. I know you’re all going to mention her droopy left eye, but I swear I haven’t heard or witnessed the droopy eye for myself yet on set. Maybe it only droops when she’s been holding a pose for too long.

I’m sure when Paris met Johann she was thinking, “That’s hot.” She really does use that expression in real life. The majority of the day was spent filming a dance scene in a club with Paris and Johann. In the scene they were filming Johann starts to take his shirt off but is pounced on by Nate who is scared that Johann is after Cristabel. I wasn’t close enough to see Johann taking off his shirt, but I did get to see him shirtless a couple of times between takes while he was trying to cool down. I also got to meet him and even chatted with him for a few minutes. He seemed like a nice guy. FYI: Johann’s character was originally called “Brad” but they changed his name to Johann.

I just happened to be on set for Bring Management to Work Day. Christine Lakin, Heidi Ferrer (the writer) and Paris’ managers were there. One of the most surprising things about Paris is that she doesn’t come to set everyday with an entourage. It was the first day that her manager and assistant were there for the whole day. I wanted to talk to her assistant, but knew that she wouldn’t answer any of the questions that I wanted to ask her. The first one being: Why would you want to be Paris Hiltons’ assistant? I don’t get why anyone would want to be a celebrities’ assistant—that’s really a job from hell.

I’ve hung out with the writer of The Hottie and the Nottie quite a bit on set. It’s an anomaly that she’s basically there everyday. Usually writers are not welcome on set because no one wants to deal with a writer who is freaking out about how their script has been changed. Heidi is like most writers in Hollywood—she’s made a good living at selling scripts for quite a long time, but never had anything produced until now. She’s totally psyched to be on set. I overheard her telling someone the other day, “It’s like Christmas.”

There were quite a few extras on set today since it took place in a nightclub. While I was having a snack in the backstage/extras holding area, two extras were discussing how they were missing school and talking about their social lives.

Extra #1: “I totally missed three classes today.”

Extra #2: “I don’t know if I should call John tonight. Should I wait until he calls me?”

I was zoning out thinking about how cool it would be to have a craft services area at every job. A table where chips, granola bars, cakes, candies, fruit and a myriad of teas, sodas and water bottles were restocked the second they started getting low and new items were added throughout the day. Then I heard someone say, “Are you listening?” It took me a minute to snap out of my lovely daydream and realize that Extra #1 was talking to me. I ignored her long enough for her to realize that I wasn’t listening to their conversation. I only eavesdrop on interesting conversations, dumbass.


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Hm, interesting. I used to think Paris was really pretty, think Simple Life and the Carl's Jr commercial, but over time she's started to look downright weird to me, with the eyes and the sideways profile pose and everything. Really, though, I'm probably just being a lemming and buying into what other people are saying...

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