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What Starlets Do Instead of Getting High

Part of: Britney , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Lindsay Lohan , Nicole Richie
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Poor Lindsay and Nicole. The whole world is waiting with baited breath to see when they'll be caught wasted again. Nicole has tried to clean up her image by going Bergdorf Blonde and dressing like a socialite. But then she had to ruin her Good Girl facade by getting a new tattoo. If she'd been reading the gossip blogs or tabs she'd have totally known that even Britney Spears got another tatt recently. It's such a bored-Hollywood-starlet-gone-bad-girl cliche. The Simple Life 5 needs to start already so that Nic has something to do with her days. Maybe it will start shooting at the end of February instead of March. Please E! , save Nicole before she OD's.

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Then we have Lindsay who has said bye bye to Wonderland. Um, she's starting her new film so she's not going to have time for rehab despite her publicists' claim that she'll still be attending nighttime rehabilitation. Yeah, she'll be rehabbing with Red Bulls and H20 in her Star Wagon. Maybe Nicole could visit her with a magical plate of powdered sugar. Wouldn't that be fun! I do think it's lame that some of Wonderland's residents are complaining about all of her priviledges. Wonderland ain't cheap. Surely these residents can afford to have some doctors and addicted friends come to their own posh homes and have all the special priviledges they want. I mean, WTF?? Wonderland sounds like the name of a place you go to take guided drug trips.

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