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In and Out, In and Out --- That's What Rehab is all About

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[Breakfast: half English muffin with butter and strawberry jam. Chai with milk.]

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OK. I've thought long and hard about Britney's 'situation' on my flight from LA to NYC. The best way to get Britney to stay in rehab is for her mom to offer a $500,000 reward for any rehab facility that can retain Brit for 3 months. I know that rehab facilities aren't supposed to hold you against your will, but as long as Britney isn't hurt or drugged in a The Jacket kind of way, she'll be fine. See, I knew this second rehab 'In and Out' was destined to happen. (This time Brit bounced 'In and Out' of Promises in Malibu.) Like a reader pointed out, I did have a dream a while back that could be construed as a premonition about Britney's future. Britney needs to be saved before she's left with nothing.



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