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Angelina 'Ana' Forever

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Brangelina , Gossip , Hollywood , Literati , Rant
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All of the tabloids are jumping on the "Angelina is Ana" bandwagon. Angelina has appeared underweight for a long time now--I've mentioned her ana-esque frame here multiple times--and I think it's pretty rude to blame her thinness on the loss of her mother. The picture (above left) that they are using to illustrate her weight loss looks like any other picture of her. Just a few weeks ago the gossip rags were speculating that Angelina was pregnant again because she was wearing baggy clothes! For whatever reason, Angie does not eat enough and would look even prettier if she gained some weight. I've been sick of looking at her bones and veiny arms for a long time now, but the reality is she's not going to gain weight anytime soon. I'd rather focus on how adorable Zahara is. Brangelina's kids are more interesting than they are.

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