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Cameron's Smart Post-Breakup Life

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Cameron Diaz is a smart girl. She knows exactly what to do after a bad celebrity breakup. (Jessica Simpson should take note for future breakups, though her popularity and career are waning). Sure there were rumors that Cameron had some public spats with Justin Timberlake because she was jealous of him flirting with other women at The Golden Globes, and she allegedly wanted to get back together with him--but whatever. Post Golden Globes, Cam was on a plane to Hawaii for a healing surf vacation and to visit with her old friend Kelly Slater (who has a house on the North Shore) and to be seranaded by Eddie Vedder. Yeah, knowing and being able to surf with one of the top (and sexiest) surfers in the world is pretty hot. (I even used to lust after Kelly Slater when he had hair.) Of course, Diaz and Slater are just saying they're friends instead of 'friends with benefits' which I'm sure is the reality.

Since Cameron's been back in LA, she's been photographed going to the gym several times, has partied in Vegas, attended Kelly Slater's birthday party in Marina Del Rey, and was seen the other night allegedly kissing the very handsome "Blood Diamond" actor, Djimon Hounsou at Hyde. Cam is so over Justin. And if she isn't-- she's having a fun time faking it. Girls take note.

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