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Keira Knightley is Looking 'Ana'

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Fashion , Food , Gossip , Hollywood , Keira Knightley , Mischa Barton

Dear Ms. Knightley,

I really like you despite the fact that I can't name the last movie you were in that I watched. You're really beautiful and have a spunky personality, which can't be said for a lot of starlets. It's not fair that you got to kiss Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean, but I was only pissed off about that for a week or two. I really thought it was cool that you told Isaac Mizrahi? at The Oscars that you ate something like pancakes and bacon for breakfast and a tofu veggie scramble for lunch. Usually, I don't believe actresses when they say they ate anything before an awards show because they're obviously lying. I mean, men don't even eat carbs before The Academy Awards. But I actually believed you. You even wore a pig mask as a disguise on your 21st birthday! You weren't even worried about Nicky Hilton calling you a 'fat pig' like she called Mischa Barton. Oh, I know Keira that you don't hang out with boring socialites like Nicky who think they're hot shit for not doing much--that's so beneath you.

Now Keira, I must say that I'm getting a bit worried about you. Of course, you've always been actress skinny and at times have taken that a bit too far. But in these pictures from The Pirates of the Carribean premiere, you're looking skeletal. I usually think you look flawless, but you don't even look good in these pictures. If you have some illness that has caused you to drop a lot of weight and turn frail, then I apologize. I'm just concerned that you've got The Hollywood Actress 'Ana' Disease. If you do have an eating disorder, I urge you to get help. I can't bear to watch you get caught up in this deadly game. I hope that you aren't mad at me for being so blunt.



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