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Fashionista Du Jour

Part of: Brangelina , Fashion , Fashionista Du Jour , Nicole Richie

[Breakfast: 4 Sesame Peanut Butter Cookies from Jin Patisserie and Tazo's Zen green tea]

Congratulations, Nicole Richie! You have finally worn something cute enough to make "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Fashionista Du Jour! I'm afraid that I was pretty positive that you'd never make Fashionista Du Jour, and some might argue that a bathing suit isn't exactly an outfit. Some might actually think that you have even gained weight, since you don't look like one of those starving people in Africa that Angelina is so fond of helping. However, I believe the picture was just taken at a flattering angle. If I bump into you in Malibu, I'll totally buy you a fruit salad at John's Garden--it's really good.

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