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WiFi with a Side of Stars

Part of: Britney , Food , LA , Slice of Life , Travel

I know you have those days when you really want to ditch work and go to the beach in Malibu and have a Britney Spears sighting, but you simply have too much work. I felt this way last week while I was still housesitting in Malibu. It was so beautiful out, but there was no way to take my laptop outside and work, because even in the shade it was too bright. Before getting totally depressed, I remembered I had read that Paradise Cove Café had WiFi. I found that hard to believe. Did they really want Pepperdine students hanging around in their busy restaurant for hours? Wouldn't most people come in solo with their laptops? But maybe they were trying to appeal to Paradise Cove residents and others in Malibu who had home offices. Those people could come in at odd hours and in the winter when the restaurant was slow. Summer was another story. I didn't make a reservation, so I had to wait 20 minutes for my prime booth seat with a killer ocean view. That was fine, because I got a nice table in the bar and pulled out my laptop. I only got interrupted once by an older gentleman sleazy man who was sitting with his dumpy looking wife—he was no looker either.

"Do they have WiFi here?" he asked.

I nodded my head. Duh. I wished that this obvious tourist would STFU already.

A few minutes pasted. "That girl must be working very hard because she has such a serious expression on her face," Tourist said to his wife, referring to me.

Then he got up and started chatting up the hostess. "Is it really OK to throw my peanut shells on the floor?"

I hated men like this. They preyed on women who they knew couldn't get away from them while completely disrespecting their wives.

My lobster buzzer rang and I was whisked away to my amazing seat. I promptly ordered a Bloody Mary and watched a white Hummer drive off the pier and into the ocean. Did I mention that they shoot tons of commercials and films at Paradise Cove? Ordering was the most difficult task of the day because the food comes in large portions and is fattening. I ended up getting the Cobb salad and eating half of it. BTW, why do they put blue cheese in Cobb salads? They taste much better with a milder cheese. I also usually get my Cobb salads tossed dry with the dressing on the side. I ordered another Bloody Mary and knew that I wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon. I got a lot of work done.

I was just about to pack up my laptop when the sleazy tourist came back and quickly sat down opposite me before I could protest. WTF? He told me about how his two kids live in Westlake Village and Encino with their families. I had a hard time imagining his kids being normal, but whatever. Before he could start talking about what life in Phoenix, Arizona was like; he spotted his wife coming back from the bathroom. I wondered if she had been puking in disgust over her husband's behavior.

Before I left, I went outside to the beach and sat in a chair overlooking the ocean. This area is where people sit and have cocktails. Despite the shade and umbrellas, I couldn't really see my computer screen, but still managed a bit of work between stealing glances of the ocean. Paradise Cove's beach is one of my favorite beaches in Malibu. You have to pay 3 bucks on your way out if you get a restaurant validation (I think you have to spend at least 20 or 25 bucks) and that gives you three hours to enjoy Paradise Cove. I didn't see Britney Spears, but there's always next week.

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