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Fashionista Du Jour

Part of: Ashlee Simpson , Fashion , Fashionista Du Jour , Jessica Simpson

[Breakfast: a small piece of toasted baguette w/ whipped butter and apricot jam]

I love Fashionista Du Jour virgins. To be fair, Ashlee Simpson was featured on Fashion Friday ages ago. Lately, she's been looking way too plastic Barbie Dollish but without the smoking body. Maybe I like this picture of her because it looks like someone else and her hair is dishwater blonde. I'm not usually a fan of pinafore dresses but Ashlee's dress really suits her--it's definitely a youthful look. The purse is Marc Jacobs and the boots are by Lanvin. Jessica looks blah, but I'm also really sick of seeing her face and hair extentions.

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hi, i'd really love to know where Ashlee got her dress from, i know there are copy-cat versions but this is slightly longer in lengththan the average pinafore! Amy

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