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A Fugly Valentine's Day

Part of: Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Simpson , LA , Music , Trick Or Treat

[Breakfast: a biscuit with butter and strawberry jam, slice of cantaloupe, and green tea.]

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This is for all of you Valentine's Day haters out there. How sad is it that Jessica bought John peach roses for Valentine's Day? The only manly roses are red ones. Also, a woman only buys a guy flowers when she's desperate for his love or really wants him to buy her flowers. Note: If your guy doesn't ever buy you flowers, you have to tell him to buy you them for you or lead him to a florist.

It's a toss up between Fergie and Pamela for the fugliest Valentine's Day award. My vote goes to Fergie because she always looks fugly. Doing lots of drugs when you're young makes you look ugly and old at a young age. Pamela looks pretty decent in pictures, but she either got way too much Botox recently and/or got papped at a bad angle. Jess doesn't look too hot, either. She needs to kiss some paparazzi ass.

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[Fergie and Pamela pictures via Flynet]


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